In attendance:



  • Update on jelly talks
    1. We have a full schedule! Starting June 15th and then every other friday through the end of august
    2. Kevin will go ahead and reserve the rooms
  • Updates on steinbach scholars
    1. Joleen should have Leif’s bio and titles by mid-next week
      1. Still need to advertise and Joleen will need to schedule meetings
    2. Kevin has a bio sketch and is still working on scheduling the last talk
    3. Potential conflict of time between All-student steinbach scholar talk and PO seminar? Rose will investigate.
  • Updates on JP swag
    1. No updates yet
  • Update on buying stuff for the JP apartment
    1. Eesh has a lamp
    2. Joleen put other supplies in the sidpac apartment
    3. There are some supplies in the JP car she needs help moving, but is on it.
  • Compiling MIT committee lists
    1. Still need lists from Rachel and Jen
  • Mallory’s treasure hunt funding request
    1. Approved! Lizzie will e-mail
  • First year BBQ
    1. Seems all set? Lizzie will contact current first years about incoming first year class list serv.
  • Clean out the student center!
    1. Need to buy cleaning supplies for the student center
  • Lea quick reminders
    1. The cramer leaves on June 27th. We go down to the dock and wave goodbye and we’ll have some students greet them when they come back
    2. Welcome lunch is June 26th the day before from 12-1:30
    3. Education assembly meeting today at 2:30- Joleen will go